the 40th anniversary of Nike

09 Apr the 40th anniversary of Nike

Today I want to talk about a very special event we did a few months ago. This was the 40th anniversary of the Sneakerball, yes, those mythical NIKE shoes that they created in 1972 and that have been updated and adapted without losing that characteristic design.

Well, the event in question was held in the Post Office Palace, the current headquarters of the City of Madrid. This location is a mega space where more than 1500 people gathered, including the press, guests and sponsors. All could enjoy not only a representative sample of the evolution of the shoe, but also, several basketball games, dance and music performances and most importantly, our food and drinks!

We adapted to the request of NIKE of wanting something fresh, fun, that represented the American spirit of these shoes. We did not think twice and we got down to work, went over the menu, finalized the presentation and thought about how to manage such an avalanche of people.

After thinking about all the specific details conscientiously, we found the menu. All attendees could enjoy hotdogs with crunchy unions, our mini 100% ECO burger, nachos with guacamole and homemade cheese sauce and vietnamese springrolls.

Celebrating and managing an event of this magnitude was not an easy task, we are not going to lie to you, it is many hours of hard work. But, we love challenges and this was one of the biggest ones.

The truth is that thanks to the magnificient work of our team, coordinators, staff and kitchen, the event was a huge success!

We can not wait for the next one. Congratulations NIKE!

PS: you can see all the photos of the event on our Facebook and Instagram page.

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