Presentation of L’Oréal at the Teatro Gran Maestre

26 Apr Presentation of L’Oréal at the Teatro Gran Maestre

We had the luxury of collaborating in the presentation of new products of the brand L’Oréal in a great Place as the Teatro Gran Maestre in Madrid.

Offering our Catering Service , more than 200 guests could taste a Cocktail with our delights such as:

– Mini Villaroy chicken breasts with Bechamel al Curry
– Spinach Crepes with Carabineros Tails and Seafood Sauce
– Chicken and Vegetable Gyozas

We animate the party with Mojitos, Cosmopolitan, Tom Collins Pomelo … all prepared by our great Barmans.
 Waitress In Your Stove  Crepes de Espinacas with carabineros tails and seafood sauce  Gyozas de chicken and vegetables  Barman Mojitos, Cosmopolitan, Tom Collins Grapefruit

From En Tus Fogones , we are proud to continue working together with L’Oréal Paris .

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We hope to share more special nights like this!


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