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04 Mar En tus fogones

The moment arrived that we were all waiting for, yes, that moment in which we too joined the fashion of blogs! But is it fashionable? I think not, I think a catering like ours deserved, for a long time, a blog with a name that identifies us and where you can find out not only about our events, but also gastronomic novelties, so you know places and new flavors and above all so that you know us much more, because En Tus Fogones is not the typical catering and if you still have not realized that, here you will discover it!

And the name … ay! That name that marks a before and after in the history of a blog, that name by which we will be known in the “world” … because that name could not be other than … FOGONCITO!

The name is not the tuntun and I’ll tell you why.

In many of the events in which we participate we are asked: – What catering are you ?, (something that makes us very excited because we consider that person is very satisfied) and we always respond: – From In Your Stove! To which they answer us: – Oh, you are the cookers! Our face at the beginning was, not lady, in your kitchen, lady, in yours! But one day, one of our managers, laughing, told me that he had heard that we were called the fire pits, the catering staff! When we arrived at an event you hear: – Look, there are the stoves. Hahaha, I was so funny that I began to call my companions in a loving way and I think it is a name that identifies us very much.
Not only for the meaning that at first was intended to give to catering, which was born with the idea of ​​cooking in the homes of anyone who was willing to open the doors, but because the stove is a fundamental element in any kitchen. The stove helps to change the characteristics of a product, to mix flavors, to heat and achieve evaporation and the magic of those smells that remind us of unique and special moments. And for that reason, because I consider that our catering and all those who are part of it get those unique and special moments, I have decided to baptize the blog as well.

What we have said, we will tell you many things, which are sure to amuse you and interest you and we hope, now, from this little stove, to continue being part of your lives.

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