En Tus Fogones to Next Gate 3 with Heineken

Evento Heineken - Entusfogones catering

23 Nov En Tus Fogones to Next Gate 3 with Heineken

A collaboration with En Tus Fogones and Customers, we love, like Heineken.

We accompany you on a very special “Space Trip”, which presents its customers and employees with their ”stars”, their beers.

We embark on a ship that will take us through the different products of the brand. They will make us enjoy the experience of traveling. With a Heineken to the Chamions League, with a Desperado through Europe, or on adventure with a darker beer like Guinness.

As a catering company, not only do we offer our Services, but Heineken also trusted us with preparing a personalized menu.


– Space caramelitos: a wrap that melts in the mouth

– Avocado mousse with salmon tartare and hazelnut vinaigrette

– Mango bergamot, tangerine and matcha tea

– Criptonita: Osmotized Melon


Caramelos En tus fogones   Mousse Aguacate En tus fogones   Bergamota En tus fogones   Melon osmotizado En tus Fogones


Contragulations to la Cara B for its great production and creativity of the event. It is a pleasure to work with you!

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Thank youHeineken or continuing to trust us. Always Think Green!


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